decorative art - stelas, tableware, wallware

Lubov Ovtchinikova is an artist trained in Russia with a background in fine art and design. Cheryl Wolff is a studio potter working in ceramics for over 25 years. They met by chance while sharing a group studio space and became intrigued with each other’s work and the very different processes involved. A collaboration began through the sharing of creative ideas, combining color, original art and design with the organic qualities of clay.
While working on printmaking techniques, Lubov came up with the idea of using linocut plates on clay creating contemporary interpretation of stela: an ancient stone slab bearing an inscription or design. Each stela begins with an original, hand carved image impressed in clay. Once the image is completed, a clay slab or frame is added and the entire piece is hand painted. The series of fruits, vegetables, flowers and shells were chosen to celebrate the simplicity of the natural world.
Tableware series highlight hand-drawn images of everyday items. The collaborative inspiration for this series grew from a conversation between the artists about Lubov’s love of sketching and Cheryl’s passion for creating tableware. A clay platter proved to be the perfect canvas.